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SeaWood Materials is a range of 100% natural, recyclable and chemical-free board materials made from seaweed and waste cellulose.

The combination of wood-like properties and sound dampening qualities makes this line of materials suitable for interior walls, acoustic panels and design products. Additionally, the material is offered as an aesthetic, sustainable veneer finishing communicating the natural beauty of seaweed.

Seaweed is one of the oldest organisms in the world. For centuries, this marine plant has been used to build well insulated houses. This served as an inspiration for the company BlueBlocks to create SeaWood Materials, and contribute to a more resilient and sustainable building sector.

The manufacturing process that the brand developed for over two years makes use of a new bio-tech approach that is clean and scalable. This process eliminates the need of any additional binding agent, allowing the material to be recycled after use.

The variety of panels that SeaWood offers is beneficial for both humans and planet. On the one hand it contributes to a comfortable feeling and calming atmosphere in any kind of interior space. On the other hand, its fast-growing main component can be farmed and harvested sustainably, without the need of arable land, fresh water, fertilisers or pesticides. While growing, seaweed absorbs CO2 and excess nitrogen from salt waters, restoring the water quality and biodiversity.

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