Pearlescent blue glazes


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- story by MaterialDistrict

Blue pearlescent hexagon tiles: A custom designed glaze typology for a UN Studio project, commissioned by Qatar Railway.

The variety of pearlescent blue glazes is custom designed by Christine Jetten (here shown are a few examples from the collection). The tiles and their geometry are a result of co-creation with the UN Studio design team.

The design process started with visual references and experimentation, and ended with the knowledge being transferred to manufacturers.

The design process: the shaping of the tile, the designing of the geometry and the relief, happened in an ongoing dialogue between all team members, while Jetten visualized and materialized the outcome of each design session.

The materialization principles are experienced through a duality of pure, modest exterior versus a rich, illuminated mother of pearl effect interior. To create public spaces that enhance the urban experience at the pedestrian scale and build habits for the Doha community.

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