Clean Air City Ceramics – waste glazes


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Meaningful Matter: A new life for residual waste from air quality improvement.

From 2017 SCJ started looking into the possibilities of integrating waste materials in the glaze recipes, besides the already known custom of reusing leftover material from the production process. Since 2019 SCJ collaborates with ENS Clean Air Cuijk NL:

The glaze of Clean Air City Ceramics is composed with captured particulate matter from industrial working environments. At companies who care for their employee’s health, the working environment is cleared by the ENS air purification systems from harmful air pollution. An overall reduction in particulate matter and quartz concentration levels of more than 60% was measured. There is a visible improvement through the reduction of dirty air, dust and smog in factories.

Material with a purpose
The residual waste had no new destination until Jetten started experimenting and processed the waste in architectural glazes and successfully developed new glaze typologies.

There is an infinite number of possibilities and the journey of discovery has only just begun.

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