Clean Air City Ceramics – bronze glaze


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Meaningful Matter: A new life for residual waste from air quality improvement. Clean Air City Ceramics is a collaboration between Studio Christine Jetten and ENS Clean Air, in which air pollution is processed into architectural ceramic glazes.

Residual waste from a major social problem becomes a material with a purpose. It is an aesthetic approach to and an important material for sustainable cities. This glaze typology reduces particulate matter, reuses accumulate waste and reintroduces this waste in circular ceramic glazes.

These tiles are the custom application for Rebel House, a new approach to sustainable and entirely circular vacation homes.

“The thin tile supports the monolithic quality and had infinite possibilities in colour, texture, pattern, degree of gloss, light-dark, rough-smooth. An endless world that you never tire of.”
Cas van der Zanden – architect, owner of studio Wittehaai.

The tiles were cut to size by waterjet by Deco-Tiles Sneek to create a non-repetitive pattern, with a beamer projected on the façade while the tiling happened.

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