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Sharklet Safetouch

United States

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A non-toxic, long-lasting and no-kill surface material used to control the growth of bacteria. The patented surface technology is comprised of millions of raised, microscopic features arranged in distinct diamond shapes to form a pattern.

Inspired by the microbe-resistant properties of shark denticles and skin, it is purely the pattern that works to inhibit micro organism growth – there is no chemistry, toxicity or biocides eluted from the surface.

Laboratory tests show that the micro-pattern disrupts several critical microbial colonizing processes that are necessary for bacteria to develop into a disease-causing biofilm. In static immersion tests, the patterned surface has shown to be able to reduce bacterial growth by 80 percent versus an untreated surface.


Sharklet SafeTouch, hygienic disposable “skins” that are applied to high-touch germ-prone areas in commercial and healthcare settings.
Sharklet-patterned urinary catheter to help combat catheter-associated urinary tract infections.

The manufacturer is currently developing products with the Sharklet pattern manufactured directly into the surfaces of outside equipment.


The material may be manufactured in rolls of film that are cut into shapes for application to high-touch surfaces. It is manufactured in raw film in widths up to 54 inches and infinite lengths.

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