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Barbara Medo

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- story by MaterialDistrict

From bees and caterpillars, to beetles, dragonflies and glowworms, nature’s own eye-catchers are the inspiration behind ‘Insected’, a collection of women’s fashion textiles created for the modern femme fatale.

The Dragonfly is inspired by the skeletal structure of the wings of a dragonfly. The material consists of a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with a core of polyester. This yarn is knitted by hand or by machine. The whole is placed under tension and then pressed with heat, giving the material is given its final shape.

The hand-knitted versions result in a more chaotic structure, while the machine knitted provides a more ordered structure.  It is optionally however possible to use this machine-knitted ordered structure to get more chaotic by stretching the material in a different way.

These different types of textile are available in a grey variant (in several acolours), with phosphorescence (glow in the dark) and a translucent variety (yellow or blue).

Dimensions are a machine maximum 70 cm in width with an unlimited length and the textile is available with an open structure and either ordered or more random.

Barbara Medo is a designer of fashion and interior accessories and creator of moods and atmospheres. With her curious, experimental and intuitive way of working, she is inspired by her dreams. She loves how our brain makes connections between what is real for us when we are awake and what is total fantasy. The small border between reality and fantasy and how we can apply these two parts together in the real world has always been a big challenge for her as a designer.

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