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This range of tough materials is used for membrane surfaces on the exteriors of permanent structures. The Sheerfill materials use a composite which is made of fibreglass and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

All of the materials in the Sheerfill range are available in various strengths and levels of light transmission. This provides the user with a choice of membranes to cover virtually any size structure, from a small skylight to a full-sized sports stadium. The membranes conform to stringent fire and building codes for permanent buildings.

They can be coloured, on a project specific basis, also with metal effects. Further advantages are: levels of translucency, lightweight, mechanically strong, non-burning material. It is applicable for various design options and is self-cleaning and has solar reflectivity. Its lifetime is rated as long-term durability (over 40 years lifetime) and it is, usable in a very wide temperature range (-70°C to +260°C).

The material is available with an EverClean topcoat which helps purify the ambient environment by removing noxious gases in the NOx and SOx classes. In addition, this coating decomposes organic residues chemically. This keeps the surface bright white and clean, during its complete life cycle.

Available variations are firstly the SGM, an open mesh glass fabric coated with PTFE, for façade application and inner roof layer. Next, the EverClean with topcoat is the variant with air purification and self-cleaning properties. Third, the Fabrasorb is a lightly coated glass fabric used as an acoustical inner layer, which also improves thermal insulation.

Applications are exteriors for the standard sheerfill and the SGM, and interiors for the Fabrasorb variant. The material comes in a standard white (after natural bleaching), with custom colours on request.

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