SKIN SERIES Algae Knit (with Probiotic Finish)


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- story by MaterialDistrict

Our bodies’ health is closely linked to the ecology of bacteria invisibly living on the skin’s surface, known as the skin microbiome. This understanding that we live in a symbiotic relationship with microbes, plays an important role which coordinates the function of our whole body. Therefore, what we wear next to our skin can have a direct impact, as such, our environment shapes our health.

Many textiles in the fashion industry contain toxic chemicals such as heavy metals, antimicrobials, chlorine bleach, and formaldehyde, in every stage of the production process. Not only are these chemicals a serious health risk, but they are also harmful to the environment and natural ecosystems. This has led us to question the clothes we live in, who is living on us, and how this plays a role in our overall health.

SKIN SERIES addresses the unsustainable problem of chemicals in the fashion industry and their effect on both the environment and the body. The textile and treatment add performance and function to clothing using a natural bio-tech approach. The Probiotic Textiles technology encapsulates healthy bacteria into the fibres of clothing. These are activated when they are in contact with the moisture on our skin, allowing them to alter the microbiome of both textile and skin. The encapsulated bacteria reduce body odour, encourage cell renewal, and improve the skin’s immune system. This technology replaces the need for toxic chemical fabric finishes and reduces the need to wash your clothes frequently. The finish can be applied to most textile surfaces using a bio-based finishing system. The aim is to use what is natural in our bodies to advance the performance of clothing.

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