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- story by MaterialDistrict

The ‘Slimstone’ is aptly named. A razor thin natural stone product, this slimmed down heavyweight is fixed to a cork backing. The result is a lightweight stone tile that is able to bend. An additional advantage is that it can be cut like cork.

The manufacturer explains the company name as a blend of the words ‘cork’ and ‘tile’. The product’s name of Slimstone fits with this theme. The producer’s speciality is the development of a method that allows the very thin slices of slate to be mounted onto a soft, durable cork backing. Through this process, Slimstone becomes the thinnest stone tiles on the market. The manufacturer also takes care of distribution and installation of the material.

The stone sheet comes in a stock of 10 different colours. The slices of slate are from India. Each one is slightly different, giving the tiles individual patterns. Variations occur from black with fine veins of reflective pigments through to a warm, sandy colour.

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