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Fabric designer Aleksandra Gaca from The Netherlands, but originally Polish, is fascinated by 3D weave structures. Through experiments with own yarn bindings and special materials, innovative cloth construction have been developed. In this particular combination of binding and material she tries to achieve unexplored surplus values. Her tectonics are clearly geometric. Aleksandra Gaca finds her inspiration in abstractive architectural concepts like rhythm, repetition and also dance and motion.

A number of her refined, more subtle structure are placed in commercial collections of De Ploeg and Kendix International Textiles as curtain fabrics. The overdimensioned designs can be found in the project collection of Hybrids+Fusion. These tougher qualities can be used as upholstery, wall-lining and even carpets.

The Slumber collection, part of Aleksandra Gaca’s latest developments, is a range of very robust 3D weavings in textures, rich of contrast. These warm woollen fabrics have been applied to several products like pillows, beanbags (to sit on) and scarfs. Slumber shows that the 3D effect in her work has become stronger during the time. Through the broad material usage – from soft mohair to super-strong monofilament – the fabrics can be placed in every discipline: fashion, interior and architecture.

Please note that the fabrics of the Slumber collection are prototypes and not (yet) in production.

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