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Staco’s Design-Aero might have a simple appearance but offers a wide variety of solutions for (architectural) problems. Being carefully constructed from aluminium, longevity and thus a safe investment are ensured. Countless forms and sizes are possible, and the low weight and range of colours allow many possible applications. Furthermore, Design-Aero keeps wind noise to a minimum due to the wind-tunnel designed profiles.

Pervious to air while keeping off the sun, this low noise feature is adaptable to suit any building. Colour requests are met using the standard RAL shades. Special fixings enable quick, easy and safely fitting or removal.

Design-Aero, as an element for the roof architecture, provides protection, openness and quietness at once. As a special feature, reflections of the sun’s incoming rays create an interesting play of colour. Inside the building, utility cables, pipes and ducts can be concealed by suspended ceilings with Design-Aero, while the mechanical fixings still allow re-access for any maintenance work.

The photos at the left show both Sydney and Paris variations.

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