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SBskin developed and patented a series of novel glassblock configurations with the aim of optimizing their energy performance. These photovoltaic and highly insulating glassblocks are integrated with third generation solar cells (DSCs) and are suitable for outside installations (roofs and façades).

The semi-transparent PV solar cells are assembled in precast panels via an innovative dry assembly system. The precast system confers high mechanical resistance and enables easy installation at the same time of the façade, roof and the PV systems, which are directly connected to the load-bearing structure of the building. This results in a reduction in the time and cost of construction and maintenance. The dry-assembly system makes the dismantling process significantly easier for both panels and sub-components, facilitating also their easy recycling and reuse.

Moreover, thanks to the features of innovative PV cells (DSCs), the products proposed by SBskin are also characterized by a wide customization in terms of colour, transparency and design that can improve their appeal to the market and their adaptation to the customers’ needs.

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