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- story by MaterialDistrict

FlaxTape is a brand of patented tapes made of uni-directional flax fibers. The material can be used in conventional processes to produce composite parts. Processes such as infusion, RTM, film stacking, prepreg and so on are suitable.

This range of flax reinforcements has been developed to mainly enhance the vibration absorption qualities, mechanical properties, weight reduction and aesthetic aspect of composite parts. It also provides a greener material alternative.

FlaxTape comes in standard sizes of rolls up to 40 mm wide and is supplied in different thicknesses. At 12 layers thick, the material has a density of 1,13 kN/m3, for instance. A sandwich can be made using layers of FlaxTape and polypropylene, or similar resin, for increased strength.

Flax typically offers some of the best mechanical properties of natural fibres on the market.

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