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Solid surface full colour


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A sheet solid surface material is like a white surface waiting to be painted. The decoration process consists of transferring images into a sheet of solid surface so that a permanent image is created within the surface.

The printed solid surface can then be fabricated and thermoformed in the same way as unprinted solid surface material. RTS-Preidel has invested in equipment allowing them to provide this service. They can decorate full sheets of solid surface, any full colour image can be decorated.

White Solid surface sheets are the best to use for decorating, giving images the most depth of colour. Once the decoration process has taken place the company can then thermoform the piece into any three dimensional shape as normal.

The decorated panels are perfect for wet interiors that you want to inject some colour into without having to worry about water damage, shower panels are the perfect example and can provide a colourful alternative to tiles and other forms shower wall cladding.

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