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Acoustics 3D full colour felt


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This coloured 3D felt is suitable for the interior decoration industry, but also for a wide range of technical applications.

  • With an increase in the sound frequency, the sound absorption coefficient of the felt is more than 0.8 in the range of 125-4000HZ. And can make the sound better.
  • The products are widely used in places with more noise as: theaters, opera houses, conference rooms, office hotels and other public spaces.
  • Both wall cladding and separately usable partition walls, easy to fold and unfold.
  • Available in different widths and can be placed in your own shape.

In addition to delivery of fully colored felt, RTS-Preidel also have pet-G felt in the program. In addition to 3D moulding as well as full colour impregnation of your image, separate sales of standard plates belong to the main activities.

The 3D full colour acoustic wall coverings provide a new contemporary dimension in the 21st century.

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