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Of-stone is made with a high-quality mineral granulate (limestone) and a very small amount of binder (acrylic resin), which is applied with a specially designed spraying process onto various carriers such as chipboard, MDF, metal, or other fire resistant materials with B1 certificates for fire-resistance available.

This material’s distinctive stone-like look and feel is created in several phases by grinding and milling. There are many gradations, from rough to highly polished. The surface is sealed with a wax that can be made to be acid-resistant.

Of-stone is available in a wide variety of natural tones, from light cream to dark anthracite and in a number of structures. There are also a number of designs available with a concrete or rust appearance. Custom surfaces can be created on request.

This material is suitable for numerous applications in furniture and interior design, exhibition and shop construction including panels for wall and ceiling coverings as well as countertops.

Standard sizes are 2800 x 1030 mm with a thickness of 17.5mm].

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