Coconut mosaic panels


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Coconut mosaic panels are handmade and eco-friendly wall coverings made from the post-consumer waste shells of Indonesian coconuts. Each panel is lightweight, durable and easy to install. These panels offer a 3D effect along with a warm and exotic look and feel.

To make this material, coconut shells are cut into perfectly measured square pieces that are then glued together into larger panels in a tile format. A variety of colours and textures are made possible by taking pieces from both the inside and the outside of the shell and then painting or dyeing the pieces. Colours available include: Natural Grain, Expresso Grain, White Patina, Grey Bliss, Antique Brown, Natural Bliss and Maroon. Only water-based lacquers, adhesives and paints are used in the production of Cocomosaic products.

Because of their structure and material composition, it is also important to note that these panels may not be suitable for every application. They are best applied in a dry, ventilated area.

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