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Glazed Ceramics in Various Blue


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Glazed ceramics in Various Blue by Dutch ceramics expert Koninklijke Tichelaar is a range of tiles finished with coloured glass glazes ranging from nearly white to deep blue.

The wide range of blue tones is created through layers of glass. The glass is composed of a mixture of non-organic minerals: metal oxides and silicates. This is mixed with water to form a liquid, which is then poured over the ceramics. Alternatively, ceramics can be immersed or sprayed with the glaze. When the product is fired with the glaze, the powder mixture melts to form a solid glass layer that adheres to the fired clay to which it is applied.

These glazed tiles also feature properties such as frost resistance and certificates can be issued for various mechanical properties such as soft and hard body impact tests.

Koninklijke Tichelaar are known for their collaboration with architects and designers to create custom ceramics solution. Some of their other dynamic glaze ranges include Dark Gold Glaze, Clear Glaze Brick and Glazed Ceramic Iridescent.

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