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The goal in contemporary interior design is to develop an optimal floor plan, beautiful sightlines and a sense of spaciousness. In creating spaces, the best use of natural light is a first requirement. In the choice of materials, you can also enhance the illusion of light and space. A trend is visible towards living on less square meters, especially in urban areas. The challenge for interior architects is to create a functional space that still has that feel of spaciousness.

By adding materials like glass, mirrors, shiny precious metals and subtle metallics to an interior design, you can play with the natural light. Transforming these textures into decorative sheet paper or laminates, requires innovative technology and advanced printing techniques. This is the day-to-day focus of the Cleaf company. This Italian brand offers textures with a subtle shiny surface. Reflex is a stylish and discreet structure like silk threads, that works with the available light in a room. It can be applied in custom cabinets or kitchens. In texture Idea you can experience the look & feel of wild brushed aluminum. This lively structure in silver grey gives any kitchen a professional appearance.

DecoLegno is exclusive distributor of the collection decorative sheet material of the Italian brand Cleaf. With the Cleaf collection DecoLegno offers you innovative surfaces and solutions for furniture and interior design. The faced panels, laminates and edges, are exclusively manufactured at production sites in Brianza. Check out DECOLEGNO.NL for more information and free samples.

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