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SuperDurable powder coatings with COOL™ properties for metal substrates.

POLAR is part of the Alesta® SuperDurable powder coatings range for metal substrates and is enhanced with COOL™ properties that reflect infrared radiation. The formulation is based on a super durable polyester resin technology offering superior exterior durability. Alesta® SuperDurable is ideal for architectural projects where aesthetics and thermal stability is essential and for any application in high UV level environments. The POLAR products meet the requirements of Qualicoat Class 2, GSB Master, BS EN 12206 and AAMA 2604

Each colour reflects heat differently. The POLAR colours with Alesta COOL™ properties enhance infrared reflection, keeping the temperature of the painted surface lower.

POLAR is a collection which consists of 6 exclusive, dark hues, with a Fine Textured finish, that fits perfectly in today’s architectural tendency.

Material Properties