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Thin veneers of inlayed wood, with great decorative possibilities are made into new flexible and durable wood veneer sheets that can be formed and sewn into just about any shape. The veneers are 0.2mm, the thinnest veneer on the market and thin enough to transmit light. The veneers are also water and UV resistant, plus environmentally friendly as they use eco-conscious resins and utilize wood remnants. They can be utilized for various uses such as producing handbags, fashion accessories, stationery, or attaching to computer hardware, interiors for automobiles, architectural buildings, home furnishing and much more.

Since Tennage is thin enough to transmit light, yet flexible and durable enough to fold, bend, and sew, it is particularly suitable for lighting products, electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones, handbags, stationeries, and much more.

The enviromental aspects of Tennage: 

Many trees are cut down for the use of building and home furnishing materials. Deforestation is one of the environmental issues that we are currently facing. After making and processing woods, leftover lumbers and pieces are disposed of. Tennage wood veneer is made by recycling these remnants. For example, five thousands square meters of wood veneer sheets are available from only one cubic meter of waste lumber.

The resin used is a biocompatible natural resin to make the wood itself soft and flexible by penetrating it into grains and pores of wood. Also, this biocompatible natural resinworks as a glue to attach the backing materials.


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