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- story by MaterialDistrict

These tiles are made in the ‘The Pretty Plastic Plant’  in ‘FabCity’ in Amsterdam, which produces real building material from plastic waste. PET, HDPE and PE are very well suited to recycle for this purpose. Here, you can bring your plastic garbage and witness the whole transformation process from scrap to product.

This factory sorts, washes, grinds and moulds plastic waste and turns it into unique products. Within this facility you can clean up your own trash and build something beautiful with it, making the material better than it ever was! The necessary plastic for these tiles comes in different ways: through the locals, who separate their waste; through WASTED, the campus neighbours, who collect plastic in the neighbourhoods adjacent to the campus and finally through visitors, who can bring plastic instead of a ticket when entering FabCity.

The material produced looks like plastic slates and tiles and are used to build a this pavilion.

Generally speaking, recycled plastic is already looking much better than newly manufactured plastic. People don’t even realise the beautiful design lamp hanging over their table is the new, even more beautiful manifestation of the shampoo bottle they threw out last week. Plastic has been given eternal life.

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