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Triangles, squares, hexagons, circles and other geometric shapes are a source of inspiration for designers in the graphic industry. In product design and interior architecture, lines are also played with to create effects of length, width, height or depth or alienating, three- dimensional perspectives.

The Italian brand Cleaf is known for its distinct décors and structures in decorative sheet material. But the collection has also made its mark in the more subtle genre. With refined linear structures, playful block patterns and wavy reliefs. The most recent innovation by Cleaf is the collection Riga. A surface inspired by the parallel lines found in architecture and nature. The alternation of the negative and positive space expresses three-dimensionality. In combination with the décor it gives a classic look to walls and other interior design solutions.

By means of high-quality technologies and advanced printing techniques Cleaf also managed to translated the three-dimensional shape of pyramids into decorative sheet material in the collection Cheope. In hospitality, office, retail or private projects, these Cleaf textures help you in creating optical effects in custom made interiors or furniture. Besides the Cleaf textures DecoLegno offers a range of special laminates in the HPL Specials range with graphic decors like hexagon and herringbone. Check out DECOLEGNO.NL for more inspiration.

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