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- story by Donkersloot


The power of design
Are you looking for a playful and distinct floor? Or would you prefer a more serene and understated floor? Or rather both at the same time?

The Modular Dimension has it all. The felt carpet tiles offer an enormous diversity combined with edgy design possibilities with its modularity, wide colour spectrum and a choice of 7 different shapes. Whether you are looking for a sleek look or flexibility; with these felt carpet tiles, your creativity has no boundaries.

Beautiful from the outside … and from the inside
The sustainability of the Modular Dimension equals its strong design options. This tile was designed to be sustainable in every way:

  • For the production of the top layer, less fossil resources are needed as the bio-based polyamide that is used for the tile is made from the oil of the renewable Ricinus, or Castor oil plant.
  • The tile contributes to the reduction of Europe’s textile waste land as the backing is made of 100% recycled textile.
  • The transport of these tiles leaves a smaller carbon foot print as the production of this light tile requires 65% less material than traditional (felt)carpet tiles.

Demonstrably sustainable
To Donkersloot, sustainability is of the utmost importance. The Modular Dimension is proud to carry the GUT certificate, which is also acknowledged by BREEAM and LEED.

Over 20 years ago, the carpet industry designed the GUT-certificate in a joint effort to decrease the impact of carpets on environment and health. Over 90% of the European carpet manufacturers have since joined it. In PRODIS, GUT’s information system, end–users and consumers can find all relevant information about carpet products, including their environmental and health aspects. All certified products have to conform to the standard as set by GUT’s environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which allows for an open and honest comparison. The EPD and the CE-table can directly be downloaded from PRODIS by both consumer and end-user.

Modular Dimension = edgy, diverse and sustainable

  • Available on rolls, in a width of 200 cm
  • Available in 2 traditional shapes: plank and tile.
  • Now also available in 5 free shapes: triangle, hexagon, kite, core and trapezium.
  • 30 colours: from austere and serene to clear brightness
  • Sleek floor image
  • Top layer made from bio-based polyamide
  • Backing made of 100% recycled textile
  • 65% less use of material when compared to traditional felt tiles
  • A true Donkersloot: with a class 33 for heavy duty project use.

Material Properties