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TPG (Thermochromic Photochromic Glass) is prepared by laminating TPI (Thermochromic Photochromic Interlayer) between two pieces of glass. TPG can be made in a similar production process to that of PVB and EVA. In addition, as an safety glass like PVB laminated glass, it can adjust light transmittance by colour change dynamically according to the environmental heat and light intensity.

In response to the high temperature and strong solar irradiation in summer, the material can absorb sunlight, darken the colour, reduce the shading coefficient and prevent the heat to come inside. In response to the low outside temperature and weak sunlight irradiation in winter, TPG will present a colourless or light colour state, allowing more solar energy to come inside.

In brief, the glass can adjust the colour, the shading coefficient, in a smart way to provide costumers with a comfortable living condition. TPI is a complexed polymeric interlay which can change the colour driven by light and heat.

The colour of the interlayer can be regulated at a given temperature by controlling the ingredient of the chemicals. TPI with different colors ranging from blue, green, brown and grey can be provided. Aside from these functions, TPI can be used to prepare safe laminated glasses comparable to PVB film.

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