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Hybris is an insulation material for timber frame or masonry walls, pitched roofs or ceilings applications. It is a reflective insulation product based on a honeycomb structure. It is available in 1145 mm wide panels and in a range of thicknesses from 50 mm to 205 mm. Its high thermal performance is provided by a special structure composed of a large number of low emissivity cavities, protected from dust and excessive air movement. Moreover, the low emissivity external films provide additional thermal resistance, when associated with air cavities.

Hybris’ advantages:

  • Dual performance.
  • Low core effective declared thermal conductivity as low as 0.033 W/m.K (according to EN 16012).
  • With an air gap on either side, Hybris can reach on average a complementary thermal resistance which can be incorporated into U value calculations carried out in accordance with EN 6946.
  • Hybris has been tested according to the following EN standards EN 16012 & ISO 6946.
  • Hybris insulation helps to keep the fabric element to a minimum thickness and saves space!
  • LABC and LABSS Registered Details RD 462.

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