Baswa acoustic plaster


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Sound in a room is spread in all directions and reflected completely or partially at the surfaces. When a room resounds too much, the reverberation time has to be cut back by absorptive measures. These absorptive measures should be adapted to the room requirements. Baswa acoustic plaster is characterised by a combination of exceptional absorption with an attractive appearance. The Classic finish is smooth, seamless, with the look of hand-troweled plaster. The final result can be integrally coloured to conform to the design concept.

The system is suitable for:

  • level surfaces such as ceilings, floors
  • arched and vaulted surfaces
  • double-curved surfaces

Characteristics of the Baswa Acoustic systems are:

  • seamless, smooth surfaces
  • exceptional sound absorption
  • minimal loss in room height
  • unrestricted colour choice according to the Natural Color System
  • non-combustible

The system consists of pre-coated mineral supporting panels which are first glued to the ceiling (thickness 30 mm – 65 mm). Afterward, a layer of mineral plaster (thickness approximately 2.5 mm – 3.5 mm) is applied in two operations to the object in question. After a final smoothing with a special plasterer’s float, the surface takes on the appearance of a smooth plaster.


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