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Having a hard solid surface and still generate a good acoustic value can be achieved by perforation. Depending on the application, design and acoustic value, different perforations are possible with Makustik.

With FineMicro, good absorption values are also achieved without fibres (i.e. without fleece and insulation). The micro-perforation means dust and dirt stand no chance in the long run. FineMicro is suitable for magnetic surfaces, projection and decorative surfaces. With insertion on both sides, ideal constructive finishing for furniture elements such as cabinet doors. Available in panel format in all fire classes and as honeycomb inserts.

Perfo | PE impresses with problem-free use in sports hall areas with tested ball impact resistance. Advantages arise in ceiling areas with large open areas for ventilation outlets. Available in panel formats in all fire classes.

Linea: the large number of land/groove variations on the surface and reverse side make Linea a universal absorber. The range includes products with transverse grooves on the reverse side as well as tested ball impact resistance. Available as panels and lamella.

Extra X: in many cases, particular fitting or absorption conditions require these special solutions. Further advantages result if the insulation is directly integrated into the unit.

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