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Tire Veneer is the name of recycled rubber veneer made from tires. Since tires wear out relatively fast, recycling tires began some time ago as re-treading, which is the retention of the tire interior and application of new tread to the exterior. In the retreading process, the old tread is removed by grinding and the resulting dust is termed “buffings”. These buffings are non-laminated polymerically bound black SBR rubber. To give more aesthetic appeal to the material, colorful virgin EPDM rubber granules are added along with a urethane binder.

The homogenized mixture is approximately 80% black rubber and 20% coloured rubber although this percentage can be varied. The percentage of black rubber indicates the post-consumer content. Heat and pressure convert the mixture into either a block 37” square by 6” thick or a cylinder approximately 48” in dia. by 49” long. A knife slices the block into sheets in thicknesses such as, frac14;. The sheets are then die cut to exactly 18” or 36” square and become tiles. The cylinder is peeled like a veneer log. A knife slices material from the cylinder to produce sheets that can be up to 80’ long.

Tire Veneer is easy to clean and maintain. The material will resist stains, chemicals, weather, impact and punctures. It is also non-corrosive. The non-skid, resilient surface reduces noise. Tire Veneer is often used as a resilient interior and exterior environmentally responsible flooring material. It is also used for a variety of other applications such as consumer products, vibration dampeners and furniture surfaces. Tire Veneer has exterior applications such as sports & recreation, animal housing, truck beds and any high traffic area.

Tire Veneer is offered in 60 Lb density, 47 and 45 Lb density are available by quotation. Tire Veneer tiles in most colours with a 60 grit sanded finish. Tiles can also be produced with an unsanded skived finish. Tire Veneer rolls are offered in most colors with an unsanded finish. Rolls can also be produced with a 60 grit sanded finish.

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