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Origins is the name of decorative material made from recycled polyethylene consumer detergent bottles. It takes approximately 8 milk jugs to equal 1 Lb of Origins. The bottle recycling designation is HDPE #2. The decor is not printed, but is all the way through the material. It’s a non-toxic material that causes no harm to the environment during its manufacture or use and it helps to minimize waste.

Origins panels are made by compression molding PE particles in the form of flakes or pellets, which can be different colors or sizes. When various colors are blended together and compression molded, the result is a unique pattern that goes all the way through the panel.

Origins is suitable for restroom and shower partitions, vanity and counter tops, work surfaces and table tops. Origins can be used as a plastic laminate or a solid surfacing material.

Origins is preferably not to be used outside, because PE is not UV-stable.

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