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- story by RIGO Verffabriek


Linseed oil stand paint is on the rise, thanks to its sustainably renewable ecological aspects and thanks to the unsurpassed technical properties. It is not for nothing that we find intact layers of linseed oil paints that are hundreds of years old in monumental work. Because monuments and linseed oil paint belong together. RIGO Verffabriek presents TOPLIN linseed oil stand paint. With now also a fully in-house developed water-based linseed oil stand paint for indoor use.

Innovation and modernization
Until recently, it was not possible to process linseed oil paint indoors due to legislation. But anyone who is going to start a restoration job on a monumental building will frown at the thought that acrylic dispersions have to be used. These modern synthetic technologies do not match with such authentic surfaces.

In order to offer a solution for this, RIGO Verffabriek has spent the past few years intensively developing water-based linseed oil stand paint. The laboratory conducted research into natural raw materials that could emulsify water and linseed oil, provide sufficient hand grease resistance and yield fine processing. The result is an authentic water-based linseed oil paint system that fully complies with the health and safety law with technically advanced properties. With linseed oil as a base, the product shows respect for monumental surfaces and also consists of 95% natural raw materials. TOPLIN Aqua products meet the requirements of the EU eco-label and are the first paint product to have the highest A+ label of the Swiss Umwelt Certificate.

“The universally usable flax”
“Linum usitatissimum” is the Latin name for flax, literally translated as “the universally useful flax”. Flax owes this name to the versatile use of this cultivated crop. It is also nice that linseed oil is used almost completely in the form as it is extracted. Without having to convert it into a new synthetic substance through radical processes. The flax from which the linseed is extracted makes no special demands and grows well in our latitude. RIGO Verffabriek grows flax on vacant lots in the Haarlemmermeer and thus provides for a significant part of its own linseed oil needs.

Material Properties