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The Glamour collection by Trend is composed of glass tesserae 1 cm thick. The tesserae are transparent or coloured in the casting, hand crafted, engraved and split by artisans. The decorative and luminous effect of this material creates impressions of depth and interesting reflections of refraction of the opaque and crystalline substances.

Glamour combines high transparency and hardness, resistance to chemical influences, low thermal and electrical conductivity and with a wide colour range. Colours are introduced in the glass itself or by coloured veins. The latter are obtained by the process of mixing glass with avventurina, a kind of synthetic stone.

Glamour also boasts a series of different formats: the small and medium-sized tesserae are used mainly in mosaic decorations for wall coverings and floors with low traffic, and for decorating furniture; the larger tessarae are excellent for adorning larger surfaces, such as commercial, display and meeting areas.

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