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TT Sheet

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TT Sheet is a flexible wood veneer backed by a support material which allows it to be sewn or even embroidered. This sheet can be made from all types of wood and can be glued to any surface. When treated with various elements, the TT Sheets are suitable for thermoforming and injecting. This is interesting for the automotive and other sectors where moulding and gluing are common techniques. TT Sheets will give end products not only the look and feel of wood; it really has a genuine wood finish. Maximum sheet-size is 3050x550mm, thickness is 0,7mm.

When the TT Sheets are paired with leather, ecoleather or felt, they can be used for fashion accessories and furniture, because this enables the wooden sheet to be sewed. The maximum size with the leather support is 1300x1150mm, for the ecoleather/felt version 2500-3050x1150mm. Total thicknesses are 2,25mm (leather), 1,85mm (ecoleather) or 1,60mm (felt).

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