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Untreated Cast Iron panels


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This material untreated cast-iron panels are orange coloured, but they will turn dark brown once they start to rust. The rusty run-off water will be literally filthy, but will be safely drained away.
The architect’s aim was for the RTVR building to reflect the industrial pollution of its past, and he found inspiration for this in the old-fashioned manhole cover. “We didn’t want to use bricks, they are too memorable of domestic housing;
The iron façade refers back to the building’s former function and its location: an industrial and port area.
The former power station in Rotterdam now has been converted into a multifunctional building for companies active in the field of sound and vision.
Architect Robert Winkel from Mei Architects. “Architecture is all about managing mistakes” says Winkel. A little bit of filth and grime can’t do any harm. What we really need is beautiful and dirty.”

The panels were produced by Elcee.

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