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Versato Crystal edge sheet is a special and subtle design of acrylic (Plexiglass/pmma) sheets where the colour is only in the edges of the sheet. This gives the look that the sheet is barely coloured with the exemption of the edges! This makes these sheets so special. Due to the light coloration of the sheet, the colour is especially visible in the edges, with gorgeous and clean coloured lines as the result! These sheets are UV resistant, weather proof and optically pure.

Stock Versato crystal edge sheet
PyraSied has the Versato Crystal edge sheets on stock in seven different colours that are visible in the edges of the material. The sheets are having a gloss surface. The sheets are currently available in a 15 mm thickness. You cannot order this material online via PyraSied’s web shop. If you are interested, you can get into contact with PyraSied’s sales department via It is possible to order samples of this material and they can also produce other colours and thicknesses for you. The maximal sheet size of Versato Crystal is 3020x2030mm.

Because of the coloured lining of this sheet, is it perfect to be used as wall presentations, displays, cabinets, furniture, et cetera. For inspiration, please take a look on PyraSied’s Acrylic Community.

Sawing, milling, laser-cutting, bonding, drilling, faceting, polishing, matting and printing. For more information about fabricating acrylics, please go to our fabrication page.

Brand names
Well-known brand names are Plexiglass, Altuglas, Astariglas and Versato.

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