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Versato Myst

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- story by Pyrasied


A filter on reality. It absorbs light, it makes diffuse and not diffuse at the same time. The image can be seen through the sheet, a confusing and attractive reality. Versato MYST is subtle. Only after some time has expired, the sheet characterises itself, materialises, and the mysticism of the material becomes clear.

Development of Versato Myst
Already in 2009, PyraSied made the first studies. Test sheets were made with an additive to the acrylic which makes wavelength specific sort-of-diffuse. After that, there was so much demand for high-tech light diffusers from the LED world, PyraSied had to focus their research completely on that. The company has successfully developed very high quality light diffusers. The Versato MYST effect, however, remained in PyraSied’s mind and at the beginning of 2016, PyraSied decided to make some lab samples. Thirteen very soft tones – from the Versato New Color collection – as well as a completely neutral white-opal one. The company milled and polished the lab samples to different thicknesses and examined the combination of each thickness / colour saturation / additive and decided which gave the optimal result. PyraSied ran a beta run on factory level with the manufacturer and it was beyond expectation! The company experiences this material as really beautiful; they are satisfied and they have the effect that they envisioned. Versato MYST is a beauty and intriguing, as well as technically completely correct!

Material Properties