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With these mesh sheets, it is possible to create organic and flexuous shapes out of any material. The special composite – two rigid layers with a textile core – allow to break into the third dimension with a wide variety of patterns and the possibility to join multiple sheets in order to create large high-end surfaces. Both strong or light 3D effect within a rectangular frame module – two sizes available, also in the new Quiet acoustic version.

Fold Panels are the ideal solution to transform spaces and bring high acoustic performances thanks to different range of materials and finishes. Wood-Skin was developed by a talented team of individuals working together to design and produce a high quality and highly functional product. From the earliest development phase, the team achieved symbiosis, with each individual applying his or her skills towards the design, production and marketing of the product. Since Wood-Skin’s inception, the vocation and area of knowledge of each team member has merged seamlessly to produce a well-rounded group, each complimenting the others, and collaborating on the boundaries of our skills when necessary.

The four members of the Milan based company combine ten years of knowledge, from university study to professional activity. The variety of skills and approach brought by each member of the team make possible to transform pure creativity into practical applications.

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