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YiBrick is a permeable material that can be used as pavement for sponge cities, improves the ecological environment and biodiversity, alleviating waterlogging problems, water resources shortage, and urban heat island effect. It contains over 90% recycled ceramic.

Yi Design has developed a binding material and process to recycle and turn large volumes of ceramic waste material into usable brick and tile. It is a new type of adhesive that allows their products to achieve high recycling rates without the use of non-environmentally friendly substances such as cement and glue.

The product performance meets industry standards and can be replaced, reducing the carbon emissions of raw materials mining and the harm of solid waste burial to the environment.

Size: 193*95*42mm (+/-2mm)
Permeability Coefficient: 7.74*10-2cm/s
Splitting tensile strength: 7.2MPa
Wearability: 22.6mm
Combustion performance: Level A (Incombustibility)
Environment: Outdoor paving
*53kg of ceramic waste recycled per square meter

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