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A bag made of bacterial nanocellulose

Fashion brand Ganni collaborated with biotech company Modern Synthesis to create a new version of Ganni’s Bou bag, made of bacterial cellulose.

The material was developed by Jen Keane, who designed a shoe with it in 2018 (read more about it here). Now, the technology was further developed to create a leather alternative based on bacterial nanocellulose, a strong and fine form of cellulose derived from bacterial fermentation. The material is free from petrochemicals and animal-derived elements

The Bou Bag was original made from a mix of materials, including recycled leather, recycled cotton, polyurethane, and polyester. These materials are now replaced by the nanocellulose.

A prototype of the bag was revealed during London Design Festival in September. Modern Synthesis aims to scale up their production to be able to launch the bag commercially in early 2025.

Photos: Ganni / Modern Synthesis


  1. G.R.A.M. (Dick) Holzhaus says:

    Beautiful and clever. I also like the path to this result went by using all kinds of recycled materials which probably also produced fine results. This shows the true spirit of design.