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A pavilion made of palm trees

Abdalla Amulla, founder of Dubai-based design studio Mula, created a pavilion made of palm trees indigenous to the United Arab Emirates.

Called Of Palm, the pavilion was made for Dubai Design Week (7-12 November 2023). The goal of the project was to conceive and create a concept that reflects how sustainable natural resources can be used in contemporary architecture. In doing so, Almulla highlighted the versatility of the Arabian palm tree. The tree has been used in the country for shelter, food and energy for centuries.

The large-scale installation is made almost entirely out of palm tree, with the exception of some reinforcement. The ceiling are made from woven palm floor mats, while the pillars are bark-clad trunks of wood. The floor and even the furniture are also made of the wood, though the latter has been stained in various colours.

Photos: Mula