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An emergency bed made of cardboard

Spanish start-up Humanitaria developed a time-efficient and economic cardboard bed, designed for humanitarian crisis situations.

According to the start-up, camping beds are commonly used by NGOs worldwide to provide aid in humanitarian crises. However, these beds are expensive and relatively heavy, which is why a minimal amount is sent initially.

Humanitaria aims to solve this solution threefold: by offering a lower-cost option, a lighter one and one that is faster to set up. Their beds come as a flat sheet of cardboard, which can be folded into a bed in as little as five seconds. Five volunteers were able to set up 50 beds in two minutes. The beds are sturdy enough to hold an adult.

In comparison to camping beds, the Humanitaria beds are 80% cheaper. They can be shipped by air on pallets with 100 unites. The project was supported by Unicef Lab.

Images: Humanitaria


  1. G.R.A.M. (Dick) Holzhaus says:

    Very clever. I hope the beds are also water-repellent.