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An invisibility shield made of recycled materials

Two years after their first invisibility shield, UK-based Invisibility Shield Co. launched a 2.0 version of their product, now made of recycled and recyclable materials.

The first shield, which you can read about here, was an affordable shield, using a precision lens array to direct much of the light reflected from the subject away from the observer, sending it sideways across the face of the shield to the left and right. From the observer’s perspective, this background light is ‘smeared’ horizontally across the front face of the shield, over the area where the subject would ordinarily be seen.

The second generation has been improved in various areas. In the first place, rather than bonding layers of material, the main body of each shield is now extruded from a single piece of material. This allows more light to pass through, creating a brighter, clearer and more vibrant rendering of the background. The shield is also made of recyclable and recycled materials and are lighter.

In addition, the shields are larger than last time, the largest version, Megashield, measuring 1.8 metres (6ft). The shields have been designed to be more sable when left free-standing. They can be completely be disassembled and packed in carry cases and do not require any power source.

Photos: Invisibility Shield Co.