Benchwall paper partitions

Designed by molo, benchwall is a multi-functional design that links the function of a paper partition with seating and acoustic elements. Made from continuous sheets of paper honeycombed together, benchwall begins as a seat that extends and transforms to include a 1.8m tall back. From a compressed thickness of 305 mm, the flexible honeycomb geometry expands to form a paper bench/partition up to 3m in length.

The springy paper pleats, which extend naturally thanks to the interior honeycomb structure, run vertically along the backrest of the benchwall, contouring to the shape and size of those sitting along it. Furthermore, the geometry of the pleats and the height of the backrest result in excellent acoustic properties.

The geometry of Benchwall can be further customized to optimise performance. The backrest for instance can be cut to different heights, allowing for different degrees of visibility within a space, as well as different levels of acoustic absorption. At each end of benchwall’s paper partition backrest, modular magnetic end panels give the option of connecting to other benchwalls or other thinwall paper partitions designed by molo.

Designed by molo founders/directors Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen, benchwall is made from recycled/recyclable materials and is available in a natural brown paper or bamboo charcoal ink coloured options.

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