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The paper softwall + softblock modular system is a freestanding partition system that can be expanded and contracted to freely shape intimate space within larger interiors. Utilizing flexible honeycomb structures that expand, contract, and flex, softwall can be opened from 4.5cm (2”) up to 4.5m (15’) in length. softwall + softblock have been designed to be uniquely shaped for a specific occasion or space, folded away for storage, and/or reshaped again in variable and dynamic ways.

natural brown kraft paper softwall + softblock are made from 50% post-consumer recycled content and have a warm, earthy appearance. The robust paper is fade-resistant, fire-rated, and 100% recyclable.
paper softwall + softlbock are available in standard and custom heights up to 1830mm (6’) tall.

All elements in the softwall + softblock modular system can connect together with concealed magnetic end panels in an almost seamless way, as vertical joints between elements blend with the rhythm of their vertically pleated structures. The integrated magnets can also anchor softwall + softblock to any steel or magnetic surface. softwall + softblock are available in other opaque and translucent paper and textile variations, with multiple colours (and custom colours) available.

Recognized for poetic beauty and pragmatic innovation, softwall + softblock has received numerous international awards and have been acquired into the collections of museums and galleries worldwide including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

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