PressLoad Aluminium

United Kingdom

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Pressload is a lightweight, high strength pressed aluminium panel which offers a high-tech solution within the interior design industry for applications such as exhibition stands, decorative panels and furniture. The material uses a specially designed geometry, similar to an egg box. Its arrangement of conical shells provides strength and the ability to deform in a predictable way.

Pressload is a low-cost component. It is particularly suitable for high volume mass production as it can be manufactured from a range of metals sheets (cold forming) or thermoplastic materials (thermoforming/injection moulding).

The geometry provides its excellent performance using various materials (and different processes):

  • Thermoplastics (PP, PC, ABS/PC, etc.)
  • Metals (aluminium alloys, magnesium, steel, etc.)
  • Thermoplastics
  • Other materials are on request

On this material page, the focus is on the aluminium variation because of its extraordinary mirror and gloss effects.

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