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The Bader brand is known for its premium leather equipment of cars. Only leather is used which does not show any natural remarks such as crinkles and disruptions. The other leather surfaces which do have these characteristics are the basic materials for Kollamat; biopolymers extracted from the leather production are added.

With the environment in mind, Bader created this compound-material Kollamat based on leather materials which can be used for all conventional methods of proceeding PVC materials. Leather typical characteristics such as the comfortable feel and natural optics are also features of the Kollamat system besides the technical advantages.

Kollamat has characteristics which are typical for leather:
– Comfortable, warm feel.
– Lively surfaces
– High quality image
– Good heat and acoustic insulation
– Good regulation of humidity
– Warm, natural colourings
– Flavour and smell of genuine leather

Kollamat has important technical advantages:
– Very short time cycles
– Low clamping force
– Low shrinkage
– Low energy theorem

Kallomat is ideal for a variety of applications, for example:
– Injection moulded components with high quality feel and optics similar to leather
– Press forming parts

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