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Flexglass Decor combines a high resistance and strength with an almost unlimited colour range. A special process of painting and printing the surface of the glass plane guarantees the durability. Thicknesses of the glass are between 3 and 25mm. Bended planes are possible between 4 and 19mm, as is application in double layered configuration and curtain walls.

Printing is done with a foil technique, whereby the image is printed on a foil which is placed on the back of the glass plane. After the ink is transmitted on the glass, the foil can be taken off. The thing that makes Flexglass Decor special is a patented protection layer which is finally placed over the inked surface, providing resistance to impact, moisture and UV-light, also after a longer period.

Painting is possible in any RAL-colour. After the rather normal spraying process, the protection layer is added.

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