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A Blooming Bamboo House

Bamboo is a great material not only because of its sustainable properties, but also because of its design flexibility. We’ve recently featured a number of innovative bamboo materials such as Conbou Bamboo and range of bamboo materials by Moso. And here is one of our favorite bamboo projects, the ‘Blooming Bamboo House’ by Vietnam based H&P Architects.

Set on stilts in order to withstand 1.5 m floods, this prototype house is built around a central frame constructed of tightly-packed rows of bamboo cane. Additional building materials used include locally sourced fibreboard, wattle and coconut leaves.

In response to the local climate, doors can be opened and the roof can be opened up completely. At night the building appears to glow thanks to gaps between the bamboo canes. In addition, a ‘green’ façade was created by filling sections of bamboo with plants.

Measuring 44 square meters internally, one of the main advantages of the design is that it can be assembled in 25 days or less and at a cost of approximately 2,500 USD.

H&P Architects are currently innovating this design to produce a prototype that can withstand floods of up to 3m above ground.


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