Hello Ballo: Visit the Open house

Humanscale Open House at SAIL Amsterdam:

Soft, elastic and resistant to puncture, ‘Swiss Balls’  – or exercise balls – are great for human core strength. Now, Humanscale and designer Don Chadwick are hoping to bring the benefits of the exercise ball into the workplace in the form of ergonomic office seating with their clever reinvention. Called ‘Ballo,’ their colourful upcycling of the exercise ball encourages active sitting and promotes low intensity movement along with a reduction of sedentary behaviour.

If you want to check Ballo out in person, Humanscale with be holding an openhouse during SAIL Amsterdam, a maritime event that will be held this year between the 19th and 23rd of August. The showroom will be located at Veemkade, overlooking IJ Harbour and the Tall Ships those that visit SAIL come to admire. The motto of the showroom with be ‘A Room with a View!’

In addition to Ballo, Humanscale develops and manufactures ergonomic products for the work place with an emphasis on functionality, intuition and material sustainability, with the hope of created safer, more comfortable workplace.