Ingenious Travel Card Nails Let You Swipe In and Out

If you have ever been left looking for your travel card in the midst of your daily commute, London designer Lucie Davis has an ingenious solution. By embedding the chip inserted in the card into a set of acrylic (false) nails, you can literally pay for your travel with the swipe of your fingertips.

A cool example of concealed yet stylish wearable smart technology, the nails conceal the same radio frequency identification (RFID) chip that is commonly found in not only in transport cards, but also credit and debit cards.

For this particular example of smart and wearable technology, Davis requested permission from Transport for London to embed chips from their well known Oyster Card. The nails are even finished in the same colours as the city’s iconic transport card.

Though no specific details have been revealed, it is understood that Lucie Davis is in talks with Transport for London to roll the nails out on a larger scale.

An emerging designer who has attracted attention from numerous daily British news publications for this invention, Lucie Davis is a recent graduate of the UAL’s Central Saint Martins School in London and certainly a talent to watch out for!


  1. Cal Langham says:

    If this story doesn’t set off alarm bells then you’re not thinking about the full implications of being ‘chipped’. It’s not science fiction anymore and doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to extrapolate where this is heading. This needs to be fought tooth and nail. (pun but NOT fun).